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Top Gold goes to Singapore!

Stop Press! Team Singapore and Team USA have both garnered the maximum of four gold medals each, with Singapore's Nol Swaddiwudhipong emerging from the field of 234 of the world's best young talent in biology to take the Top Gold medal!

It's a real Zoo out there...

Saturday, 14 July: While the Jury examine and finalize the scores, the student competitors spent the morning at the Singapore Zoo. Located within Singapore's central catchment area and nature reserve, the participants not only got to experience one of the best zoos in the region, but as it turned out, a tropical downpour as well.

Flying High

Friday, 13 July: Competitors continue to decompress with a packed schedule of excursions capped off with night kite flying at the Marina Barrage against the spectacular backdrop of the Singapore city skyline. Meanwhile, scripts were marked and scores tallied. Tomorrow, the closing ceremony and medal presentation...

Exams are over...

...so what do you think everyone's gonna do? The picture says it all.

It's all just Theory at this point...

Thursday, 12 July: The final hurdle, the theoretical tests... It will be another long day for the student competitors!

All Work and All Play

Wednesday, 11 July: While the International Jury worked through the day and night on the questions for the theoretical tests, the student competitors had a packed schedule of excursions, including the Jurong Bird Park (below) and the NEWater Visitor Centre (bottom).


Tuesday, 10 July: After nine gruelling hours of intensive Practical Tests across diverse fields of the biological sciences, student competitors unsurprisingly let loose with a vengence at Social Night

IBO 2012 Opens

Monday, 9 July, 9.40 am: Student Competitors assembled and waiting to enter the Nanyang Auditorium for the "Competitors' March-past"

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