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Welcome Message

Associate Professor LIM Tit MengAssociate Professor Shirley LIM

From Singapore, a tiny tropical island smaller than most big cities in the world, we extend to all friends, colleagues and participants of the 23rd International Biology Olympiad (IBO) a very warm and big welcome to our Garden City!

Over the period of 8-15 July, we shall continue the spirit of IBO in celebrating some of the world's most promising secondary biology students, through a unique event designed to encourage and challenge exceptionally gifted young talents. 

IBO 2012 is organized by a team of professors and support staff from the National Institute of Education (NIE) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as well as other administrative staff members from various departments in NTU and NUS.  The efforts are strongly supported by our Ministry of Education in the form of professional administrative alliance as well as financial grant.

During the IBO week, participants will be housed in the NUS campus, while jury members will be staying in the NTU campus.  The IBO theory and practical tasks will be conducted at the NIE.  NTU and NUS are the oldest universities in Singapore and each has its own unique characteristics.  NTU is situated in a rather hilly terrain at the western part of Singapore, whereas NUS is on Kent Ridge at the south-western part of the country.  Both campuses enjoy lush greenery landscape befitting our Garden City image.

Singapore is well known as a favourite tourist destination with a very efficient airport that ranks among the best in the world.  It is also known as a food and shoppers’ paradise.  Visitors can expect a very vibrant and multiracial social tapestry that makes Singapore unique.  While the IBO is a platform for friendly competition, we welcome all to come and enjoy the many surprises that our tiny nation offers and befriend our people of different ethnicity, many of whom can speak at least two languages and are good at making visitors feel at home.  

We shall have engaging fun amidst the tough roles as participants and jury members.  We shall work hard and play hard.  We shall also grow our friendship and share our love for biology!

Dr Shirley LIM and Dr LIM Tit Meng
Associate Professors
Co-chairpersons, IBO 2012 Organising Committee

by Dr. Radut.